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Ready to bid online? Click "Join Bidding" to start bidding. If you don't already have a SnapNames account, you can set one up on the way.

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Just want to watch the auction? Click "View Only" to view the bidding live from your computer. No SnapNames account is needed.

Live Online Bidding FAQs

Q: Can I participate in a Live Auction if I am not attending the event in person?

A: Yes. The SnapNames Live technology allows you to view the auction online and submit bids in real-time. However, if you want to bid, you must have a SnapNames account.

Q: Can I watch or bid with a Mac?

A: Yes! As of May 2010, the SnapNames Live technology now supports Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OSX.

We have provided a compatibility check for you to confirm your system meets our requirements.

Q: Can I watch the auctions online without bidding?

A: Yes. Simply select "View Only" above.

Q: If I want to submit bids, when should I launch the SnapNames Live software and check the bidding interface?

A: About one hour before the start of the auction, simply login to your SnapNames account and follow the Live Auction link. If you are running late and the auction has already started, you can still login and join that auction.

Note: Be sure that you have set up a SnapNames account prior to the auction. To create an account click here.

Q: How do I pay for domain names that I won in the auctions?

A: You will receive a confirmation email with payment instructions following the auction with instructions on how to pay.

Note: Be sure to review the terms and conditions prior to submitting a bid.