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How does pre-bidding Work?

Pre-Bid domain names are scheduled for an upcoming SnapNames / Moniker Live Auction event. Pre-bidding occurs on the SnapNames platform are accepted up until a few hours before the Live Auction, at which time the pre-bid auction will end and the high bidder transferred to the Live Auction bidding system where final bidding will resume.

Note: A pre-bid is a binding bid, regardless of whether or not you choose to attend the final bidding in the Live Auction. If at the end of the Live Auction you are high bidder and your pre-bid meets the reserve price, you will win the domain name.

How will I know how I'm doing in pre-bidding?

Pre-Bid Auctions last until just before the Live Auction event, at which time final bidding will occur in the Live Event. During the pre-bid auction period, you can also see a live snapshot of the auction in progress in the "My Bids & Watched Domains" area of your SnapNames account. You will be notified by email if you are outbid during pre-bidding.

After pre-bidding ends, how do I join the Live Auction?

On the day of the Live Auction event, go to

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