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How Ordering Works

The shopping cart is your final opportunity to review your domain name orders prior to committing your order. Depending on the source of the domain names you have ordered, the shopping cart may consist of one, two, three, or four distinct segments: domain names listed as Buy It Now, In Auction, Available Soon, and Backorder.

Buy It Now

Buy It Now listings are domain names available for instant purchase. By ordering, you are making a commitment to buy these domain names now at the listed price.

In Auction

In Auction domain names are auctions that can be immediately joined and are scheduled to end soon. For domain names In Auction, the approximate time remaining in the auction and the minimum bid when the name was added to the shopping cart are displayed. By placing an order, you are making a commitment to buy these domain names if you are winning bidder. Once placed, bids may not be retracted.

Please note that the current minimum bid may have been increased by other bidders since the time you put the domain name into your shopping cart, in which case you will join the auction as a losing bidder. Therefore, after ordering you should regularly view the "Buyer Dashboard -> My Auctions" section to monitor the status of your order and change your bids if appropriate.

After ordering, you may view your In Auction orders by selecting the "Buyer Dashboard -> My Auctions" section.

Available Soon

These domain names are expected to begin auctioning on the date listed under "Estimated Auction Start". To participate in these auctions, you must express interest by ordering these names prior to the expected auction start date.

Auction start dates depend upon when the domain name becomes available. You will not be charged unless we acquire the name for you, and you are the winning bidder. You can modify your order or increase your maximum bid after checking out by going to the Pending Orders section. You will be reminded by email just before the auction for an Available Soon name begins.

After ordering, you may view or modify your Available Soon names by selecting the "Buyer Dashboard -> Pending Orders" section.


"Backorder" items are domain names that are not currently available. When and if these domain names become available you will be notified. Your order for these domains will remain active until the domain name becomes available or until you remove the order from your account.

After ordering, you may view or modify your Backorders by selecting the "Buyer Dashboard -> Pending Orders" section.

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