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How to Sell Domain Names with SnapNames

Sell your domain names in a snap

SnapNames is the go-to resource for getting domain names to the market. If you have domain names to sell, our dynamic marketplace offers many options with a global audience of motivated buyers.

Select from a variety of methods for getting your domain names to market:

Showcase Auctions: where domains with high performance potential are bought and sold.

Live Auction Events: reserved for the rock stars of the domain world, these high-value domains are sure to generate attention.

The Domain Brokerage: where market experts guide you towards a high-value domain sale, one-on-one.

Sell your domain name in an auction

If you think your domain name has e-commerce or search potential, it might be a candidate for a domain name auction that draws buyer attention and generates activity. Submitting a domain name is easy, but must be completed at least two weeks before the auction starts. Check our schedule of domain name auctions.

Step 1: Create your free SnapNames account here.

Step 2: Visit the Upcoming Events page to see if there are any auctions currently accepting submissions.

Step 3: Read the submission guidelines.

Step 4: Click “Submit Domain Now” to submit domains for consideration.

For each domain submitted, include reserve prices and any third-party statistics that demonstrate value.

SnapNames domain experts review all of the submissions and pick the best of the best for each Showcase.

The auction catalog is posted one week before the auction starts.

Consult an expert: brokerage services

If your domain name is at the top of the charts in value and performance potential, it might be a candidate for a brokered sale.

The brokerage specializes in desirable, high-impact, one- or two-keyword domain names with potential to drive traffic and build brand equity.

Our expert domain brokers leverage contacts and industry know-how to market high-value domains to prospective buyers and negotiate a sale with the best possible outcome. Learn more about our domain name brokers today!