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How to Buy Domain Names with SnapNames

A better way to buy domain names

There are several ways that SnapNames, a Service, makes buying domain names a snap. Whether they are new or already registered domains, or whether you are purchasing one or 100, we have intuitive, powerful bulk management tools to streamline the workload.

More options for buying registered domains - Backorder, Make Offer, and the Open Market

When a domain is already registered, you have a variety of unique purchasing options with SnapNames:

Backorder: If the domain name you want gives you the option to Backorder, it is not expected to become available for at least 36 days. SnapNames will watch for and try to obtain the domain name for you if and when it becomes available. You will not be charged unless SnapNames acquires the name for you and you are the winner of the resulting auction, which only applies if more than one person places a backorder on that particular domain name. You can learn more about how to place a domain backorder here . Or you can jump right in and find your domain name now.

Make offer: Make Offer listings are negotiable-price domain names directly from a seller. You can make an offer through our online system anonymously and will receive notification of it being accepted or rejected.

Buy an already registered domain: Based on your domain name search, we’ll also make recommendations for similar domains that may be available for immediate purchase, in an auction, or open to offers.

For more information on domain names, check out our Domains 101 page.